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Organizations in Transition

Organizations in Transition

Support Employee Mental Health

Major changes in an organization can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety for employees. This inevitably results in decreased productivity, lower employee morale, increased absenteeism and presenteeism, and even employee turnover. 

We offer custom support services to help combat these byproducts of change so organizations can successfully navigate the transition and support employee mental health. 

Examples Of Major Organizational Changes

  • Layoffs 
  • Workplace re-entry post-pandemic 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Downsizing 
  • Restructuring 
  • New leadership 
  • A well-liked colleague being let go 
  • And more scenarios 

Why It Matters

When done right, supportive change management programs can: 

  • Increase employee happiness 
  • Nurture employee resiliency 
  • Stabilize employee retention 
  • Build trust at all levels 
  • Prepare for obstacles 
  • Boost office wellness 
  • Minimize unplanned employee absences 
  • Ensure a successful transition 

What might look good on paper at first can still fail when applied to real people in the real world. If there is not a sound strategy in place that addresses the human element during an important transition, things can unravel quite quickly. 

Having a trusted partner to lean on for this side of strategy development through implementation is crucial for the successful outcome of the transition. Our primary objective is ensuring your transition goes as smoothly as it can for everyone involved. 


By bringing in Covenant Workplace Solutions early in the process, organizations can be proactive in preventing the many negative outcomes that often result from these transitions. 



We will work together to create a plan for your organization’s transition that prioritizes your wellness needs.



We will come alongside your organization during the transition period to support those struggling.



As your organization settles into its “new normal,” we can develop a program to assist with any lingering effects.

Want to learn how your organization can benefit from having a trusted partner help navigate these challenges?

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