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Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment

Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment

Mental Health In Your Workplace

Know the exact state of mental health for your organization and receive custom recommendations tailored to your organization’s specific needs with our research-backed Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment. 

Every employee will receive an online assessment that takes approximately 9-12 minutes. This assessment is evidence-based and completely confidential, meaning every employee’s participation is anonymous and identification cannot be shared with the organization. This helps ensure genuine answers to each question and produces the most accurate snapshot of mental health in your workplace. 

Know Your Workplace Wellness Baseline

Before you work on bettering the culture and workplace wellness of your organization, it’s important to know exactly what your baseline is. This allows you to double down on what is going well and target the critical areas that negatively impact employee mental health and wellbeing. 

By proactively developing a clear and specific mental wellness strategy, you will see  increased productivity, decreased employee absenteeism and presenteeism, a higher level of engagement in all departments, and a stronger foundation to build company culture.

What To Expect In Your Report

  • Overall composite score 
  • Identified aspects of the workplace most contributing to employee stress
  • Employee stress susceptibility score
  • Employee perceived stress score
  • Employee general mental health score
  • Recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative data

Measuring Improvement

Generally, 6-12 months following your initial assessment, it will be time to reassess your organization. We will compare the re-assessment results to your baseline so we can see which areas the needle has moved the most and which areas need more focus that appear to be slipping. This information allows your HR team to keep its finger on the pulse of the organization and stay intentional about the mental wellness of its most valuable asset: its people. 

“When we were searching for an organization to facilitate an employee assessment, we found the team at Covenant Workplace Solutions. They were able to capture how our employees were feeling about our company, their position in relevance to the company, where their mental health was at and SO much more. We are grateful for the insights found in our assessment and have implemented several changes directly from the feedback received. Thank you CWS!” 

–Amber White
Director, Human Resources
Stamats, Inc. 

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