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Optimizing workplace happiness, engagement, and productivity

For an organization to function at its best, its employees need to be at their best. When employees are supported and given access to resources so they can thrive personally, it often benefits them professionally.

Employee issues, when left unattended to, can and will negatively impact everyone around them and hold the entire team back from executing at the highest levels. Strong, growing organizations increase employee engagement and cultivate a sustainable workplace culture by proactively supporting the mental wellness of its people.


Bring confidence to your organization’s wellness strategy and its implementation

According to the World Health Organization, 35-45% of absenteeism from work is due to mental health problems. Mental Health America states 3 in 5 employees feel their employer doesn’t provide a safe in environment for people with mental health issues. There has never been a greater time to take action and invest in employee mental health and wellness.

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De-stigmatize mental health

Unfortunately, far too many organizations take the initiative to do something about employee mental health and wellness after something traumatic happens.

Loss of productivity, declining revenue and profits, increased employee turnover, disruptive internal conflict, or even the heart-wrenching loss of a colleague is what finally springs many companies to implement an intentional mental health and wellness program. Several of these issues could have been drastically lessened or prevented altogether by having a robust, strategic program already in place. This is your opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive.

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