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Executive Therapy

Executive Therapy

Discreet, Confidential, And Accelerated Therapy

This high-touch, 1:1 therapy program for company executives and leaders includes one hour per week, for 12 weeks, with either Jacob Christenson, PhD, LMFT or Nicholas D’Amico, MA, LMFT owners and executives of Covenant Family Solutions. This is a private pay program and does not utilize insurance for payment. 

These sessions can be held virtually or in-person, and include the ability to message them directly anytime throughout the program. Executive therapy is discreet, confidential, and accelerated therapy that provides support, guidance, and applicable strategies to help individuals work through challenges and achieve positive change. 

With the permission of all parties involved, we will acknowledge with you, the employer, that sessions have been occurring as scheduled and that progress is being made with the individual. Aside from that information being shared, everything discussed in session is 100% confidential. 

Potential Executive Therapy Outcomes

Dedicated therapy patients can expect to:

  • Overcome real life challenges that can negatively impact the business, including, but not limited to: addiction, burnout, anxiety, depression, family challenges, facing difficult decisions, work-life balance, etc.
  • Create positive change that improves quality of life, both personally and professionally
  • Combat negative behaviors and replace them with healthy, productive habits
  • Uncover blind spots and enhance self-awareness
  • Find greater clarity in decision making and execution
  • Develop the skills necessary to identify mental health red flags throughout the organization
  • Spend more time working on the business than in the business
  • Lead a sustainable workplace culture built on a firm foundation of thriving mental health
  • And more

As if leading a team isn’t challenging enough, life itself can hit anyone hard when it’s least expected. Life does not discriminate who it will place on a difficult road. Leaders throughout your organization need to be at their best so they can continue to give their best to the people who count on them the most.

Know that employees don’t expect their leaders to be perfect; they really just want someone who is authentic, vulnerable, and consistently growing. Sometimes this growth requires tackling difficult personal issues and learning how to get out of your own way. This type of shift isn’t going to come from a book or YouTube video, but by putting in the work with a trusted professional who has the experience to help facilitate lasting change.

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