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Crisis De-Escalation Training

Crisis De-Escalation Training

Mandt Student Academy

The Mandt System has been used for almost 50 years to assist people in learning proven, evidence-based techniques for conflict resolution and de-escalation to reduce workplace violence before a crisis occurs. With the Mandt System, you can develop a culture that provides emotional, psychological, and physical safety for everyone. Training is flexible to address individual and unique workplace situations.  


One-Day Workshop – Relational

Learn non-physical methods to prevent and de-escalate conflict to build a safer and healthier workplace.  

Topics covered include: 

  • Building Healthy Relationships: Learn a graded system of alternatives, professional and personal boundaries, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and the Crisis Cycle. 
  • Building Healthy Communication: We will discuss communication processes, non-verbal communication, active listening, paralanguage, and the principles of touching. 
  • Conflict Resolution: Finally, we will examine building healthy conflict resolution, understanding confrontation and communication in conflict, fear, and how to resolve conflicts. 

The relational skills taught in this workshop can benefit anyone. 

Two-Day Workshop – Relational and Technical

Day one covers everything included in our Relational one-day workshop, as it is a pre-requisite to learn the technical skills taught on day two. 

On day two, you will learn to safely intervene during instances of emotional escalation and physical aggression.  

Skills covered include:  

  • Assisting and Supporting: We cover stance, body balance, body mechanics, movement, and side body hug. 
  • Separating:We teach restrictive physical interactions, non-physical ways of gaining cooperation, finger holds, clothing release, and conflict resolution. 
  • Restraining: Finally, we instruct on medical risks and signs of distress, prohibited practices, physical restraint, key points of restraining, one-arm, and two-person restraint. 

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