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August 9, 2023 | News

Schools Tapping Into Covenant Workplace Solutions for Mental Health Support

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Schools Tapping Into Cedar Rapids Mental Health Care Provider

The Gazette recently published an article on how Covenant Workplace Solutions is revolutionizing mental health support for educators across a rapidly growing number of Iowa’s school districts. Featuring an innovative Lifestyle Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as its flagship service, Covenant Workplace Solutions offers a robust platform aimed at empowering educators to manage their overall mental health and wellness. This specialized approach not only addresses the pressing need for workplace mental health services but also contributes to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health in professional environments.

Learn how Covenant Workplace Solutions is making a significant impact, partnering with schools to prioritize the mental health of educators, and creating a more supportive and resilient educational community by reading the original article here.

About Covenant Workplace Solutions

Covenant Workplace Solutions (CWS) is an Iowa-based provider of employee assistance programs and workplace mental health and wellness resources that serves organizations throughout the country. CWS delivers a wide range of services that supports complete employee well-being to develop the foundation necessary to build a sustainable, thriving workplace culture.